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Especially pay greatly attention to staff, cherish staff, rational development of staff, retain staff, improve and guide ideology values of the staff, for all personall are Xinrilian’s important assets next to our value customers, our goal is to motivate and aim sustainable development of foundation, Xinruilian knows that behind every successful enterprise, there must be positive thinking diverse team in moving forward to establish cohesion, innovation in create high efficiency, competitiveness of the modern enterprise.


Adhere to improve talents to fully strength their ability & capability strive to create a good learning atmosphere and expand personal development. We sincerely welcome passionate candidates. Humane resource management develop system adhere concept by "respect people, train people, achieve people" for personal growth to create a "fair, righteous, publicly" atmosphere, built a system that respect staff, cultivate staff brings out the latent potentiality. One of the cultural values is that we creates friendly working environment and conditions which cares all personnel working and living condition as well physical and mental health conditions, we put effort to carry out wealth cultural and sports activities to original function abundant work and everyday life.


Xinruilian has unlimited future expansion, we are moving international and far forward, we need all of like minded professional and talent to join and growth together into the future.

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