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In additional to basic need of living, we provided more:

· Large green facility, with gazebo, fish pond, beautiful working environment

· Facility includes basketball court, pool, volleyball court, pinpong, theater,tv room, workout facility, kindergarden

· Dorms are equiped with air conditioning, fan, individual room patio, bathroom

· Offer free dorm stay and allowance

· Graveyard offer overtime pay and after-hour snack

· All employee receives maternity leave, wedding leave, annual leave, 11 holiday leave

· Marrige/Funeral allowance

· Group and accident insurance

· Holiday gifts

· Education/training allowance

· Free car parking

Magnificent factory gates   Large area of Factory  
comfortable dormitory    Extremely   spacious swimming pool  
table tennis  room   Joyful Internet Café  
cinema   convenient  laudry  


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