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Emphasis on staff training, Build up Xinruilian future development

In form of training, Xinruilian uses a combination of Corporate Training, external, internal training and outsourcing training to fully achieve internal resources and external resources effectively; training content of leadership, management expertise, technical knowledge, jobs skills and other aspects, improve and enhance employees professional quality skills.

According to the employee´s performance and development potential to organize regular management personnel and professional skills training, improve the quality of management to provide guidance for their occupation development plan at the same time job rotation and assessment for outstanding employee instant to promotion and reward.


·Pre-employeement training

· Professional training

· Operation and management training

· Computer and language training

· Education training


Education training

· Internal training: training course is arranged by the company´s human resources department or the relevant departments depending on the course to decide using internal or external, participant will either be appointed or free sign up.

· Outside training: refers to the company personnel to participate in the external training institutions, research institutions, and training, sponsored by the government or the relevant enterprise groups. In principle, as long as the seminar and its related job training, such as time permits, does not affect the premise of work, can take the initiative to apply it is encourage further studies..

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